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uneasy is committed to producing high quality popular theatre with a worthwhile content via a process of constant experimentation and evolution.


We believe that theatre should be theatrical, which sounds like stating the obvious, but just exactly what does theatrical actually mean?  Well, according to the veteran British director, Sir Peter Brook, theatricality means acknowledging that the performers and audience sharing the experience of a play remain continuously aware that “of course it’s not for real”.  The players are storytellers and the audience want the fiction to unfold before them, and neither side ever fully forgets that is what is happening, regardless of how deeply they are drawn into the drama.  As modern culture evolves it is vital that theatre keeps pace and develops styles of playing that are fresh and contemporary and would not work quite as well in any other medium.  That’s what we at uneasy mean by theatrical. 

We aim to provide entertainment that is rich in atmosphere and emotion but transmitted by a style that is tuned to the cultural tolerances of a twenty-first century audience.  What this actually means in practice will vary from show to show depending on the subject matter, the venue and the audience, but should you trust us with an hour or two of your time, we promise that we will do our best to give you a vibrant and unique experience.

Those at the helm of uneasy have been experimenting with theatrical styles since the mid eighties.  Here, and on other pages of the site you will find some of the things the press and public have said about our shows and the productions of our previous groups and companies.


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“ . .  this was a memorable production that succeeded in providing some shattering moments of live theatre.”


Lancashire Evening Post


 “Siren was a tour de force. It painted a subtle picture of a man who isn’t a hero heroically fighting fear itself.”


Lancashire Evening Post



The Sherlock Holmes Solution


“Peter Hartley provided not only a well-judged plot but a cleverly crafted piece of work that flowed smoothly and sustained the interest.  Malcolm Sim in the title role created a Holmes visually resembling on of the best Holmes ever – TV’s Jeremy Brett – but with his own individual stamp. He had a light touch, grace of movement and vocal panache.”


Lancashire Evening Post

 Under Milk Wood

 “Full marks to spare Parts Theatre Company for their adaptation of Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood, which is essentially a radio play.  The ironic humour of Thomas is highlighted particularly by the accompanying action.”


Lancashire Evening Post


 “It was fine fare from Spare Parts Theatre Company as it launched Preston’s premiere theatre festival.  Checkout saw the venture off full of flare, wit and imagination. It was interesting, witty, and at times very challenging.”


Preston Other Paper.

 Raiders of the Dirty Dance

 “A stunning stage spectacular has been created in Raiders of the Dirty Dance.  The new musical by Pete Hartley burst into life in a blaze of colour, song and dance. It was a thrilling and adventurous performance and theatregoers were treated to a sparkling spectrum of sights and sounds. This production deserved all the accolades resounding in the air as the audience left the theatre following a fantastic finale.”


Lancashire Evening Post



Academic Man, Neanderthal Woman.

“Did the actors of Unstable Productions get paid twice?  I hope so. One man became an entire Italian street and the entire cast were a dual carriageway twice.  Ingenious and innovative, the actors moved quickly and competently from one role to the next, spanning time, gender and objects animate and inanimate.  There may be another performance soon.  Be there or be a square clock, a picture of Maggie Thatcher, Preston North End . . .”


The Preston Other Paper


The Unstable King Lear

“Unstable are an innovative and challenging company with a talent for physical theatre, dynamic music and movement.”


The Preston Other Paper


Mistakes and Ladders

“What a theatrical manoeuvre it was!  Full of turns and mood changes overtaking all other slow-moving and static theatre vehicles.”


The Preston Other Paper

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